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How Do You Smell?

     Like it or not, a Christian is designed by his / her Creator to be recognizably different in every aspect of life.  Jesus said that his disciples would be noticed by how they acted toward one another (John 13:35).

Paul was guided to say this in a different way.  In 2 Corinthians 2:15-16 he writes, “For we are to God the aroma of Christ among those who are being saved and those who are perishing.  To the one we are the smell of death; to the other, the fragrance of life.  And who is equal to such a task?”

What does this mean?  That everyone around you will judge God, Christ and the church by what they see and hear and watch you do.

To some, the Christianity you portray will be an odious stench that they will only want to be rid of.  Regardless of how well you live a holy lifestyle.  Righteous living is so foreign to their way of thinking and acting that they will do everything possible to discredit, shame and persecute you.  They will just be waiting for you to be human and mess up so that they can prove you and all other Christians wrong.  These are the ones you will have to be careful not to spend too much time with.

There are others, however, that will appreciate a life that makes sense and follows godly principles.  They will enjoy your influence (aroma) and want to learn more about it.  Unfortunately, they will seldom say so.  These are the ones we need to be seeking.  These are the ones we need to spend most of our time with.

The hard part in all of this is that you can’t do anything about what others think of your aroma.  You can only try to live for Christ to the best of your ability.  Just be careful to give off the correct fragrance.  One that puts Jesus and His kingdom in a true light.  It’s up to others to determine how it smells.  Latch on to the ones that enjoy God’s presence.

So, how do you think you have smelled lately?



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Daily Bible Reading

8/8       Jeremiah 7-9

8/9       Jeremiah 10-13

8/10     Jeremiah 14-17

8/11      Jeremiah 18-22

8/12      Jeremiah 23-25

8/13      Jeremiah 26-29

8/14      Jeremiah 30-31


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Koinanea (fellowship)

Today August 7 – Fellowship Luncheon after am assembly.

You can give to the Church of Christ Disaster Relief today if you weren’t able to last week.

VBS 2016 is scheduled for this Saturday, August 13th.

Check the church’s web site for the weekly bulletin and a video of each week’s sermon.

Remember our Bible classes for all ages on Sunday at 10:00 am and Wednesday at 11:00 am and at 7:00 pm.


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Pray Continually  1 Thessalonians 5:17

Doug & Cathy will be moving to Brooklyn to begin a new endeavor. They thank the congregation for their love and encouragement during these past couple of years.

Shirley Brown is recovering from surgery this past Thursday.

Norma Lee will need to take in more fluids. She has been sick and unable to see the doctor. She will reschedule soon to get results on her latest test.­­­­­­­

Linda Sexton requests prayers for forgiveness for using mainly three swear words and for the strength to quit doing so.

Please keep Dorothy Day and Bubba in your prayers for strength and encouragement.

Linda Gares is going through therapy for a painful muscle problem.

Steve Silva: the results of his biopsy showed no abnormalities, praise God!

Jannean asks us to pray for her friend whose mother (Emily) passed away, for her niece Tori (return to work), and Terry (injured hand), her nephew Christian (bar exam).

Kim Fox thanks everyone for their prayers for her (surgery) and for her mother (ill).

Melissa Crump requested prayers for her mother – her aunt passed away last week.

Alicea has requested prayers for forgiveness.

Charla asks for prayers for her cousins Lisa, Linda, Curtis: their mother passed away.     She also requests prayers for her sons and for spiritual guidance.

Clara requested prayers for her friend’s father Robert Chambers who is very ill.

Jannie asks for prayers for her nephew Christopher; he’s been having bad headaches.

Cindy Casey asks for prayers for her mother who has been ill.

Winston Redwood is in Jamaica for a couple of weeks visiting with family.

Terri Rogers has requested prayers for her family and the challenges they’re facing.

Brenda Alves has requested prayer for her daughter who is facing kidney disease. She     needs the strength to be a positive influence for her.

Adrian’s friend Amanda DeSilva (Job search) and his son Basil (legal issues).

Don Carr’s friend Kerri Santimile was hospitalized due to a medical emergency.

Greg Barrett requests prayers for his friend Officer Linda Treanor.

Ray Spears asks for prayer for his sister Carolyn who’s going through cancer treatment.

Jamie Bolland requests prayers for her job search, her friend Nicole, her friend Gabriel (brain bleed), her father Jon (CT scan), and her mother Jeanine (surgery July 11).

LaShanda (Curtis’ co-worker) has been diagnosed with cancer.

Yesenia says that Geovanie Brown (accident) is struggling to recover from her injuries.

Cindy Casey; Please keep her nephews Joel (abnormal EKG) and Phil (doing better with his personal issues), Alexis (cancer), and her sister Nancy (housing) in prayer.

Greg Barrett, and Cindy Casey continue job searching.

Continue to be prayerful for . . .

The Shewmakers; Sabrina Mitchell; Palmer Anderson (dialysis); Ken Brown Jr. & family; Lillie Thompson; Frank & Christine Peoples; Doug Gaut (stroke); Ann Turnbull; Jermaine Acree; Wynella Johnson; Pamela Palmer; Marge & Alyssa Sokol; Gloria Charles (Donn’s cousin); Edward & Samuel Carr; Chris Brown (Ken & Renae’s nephew); Keith Andersen (Doug’s friend); Juanita Mitchell (friend of the Brown’s); Raquel (Ken and Renae’s niece); Mike Murray (friend of Ken’s); Valerie Butler (friend of the Brown’s); Chris Brown (liver transplant); Sierra Shields (is still missing); Eugene Jones (Ken’s friend: cancer); George Westerman (Allen’s friend)

Having a Heart for the Harvest